Gearing up for the 2.2 release

Mikhail Glushenkov mikhail.glushenkov at
Wed Dec 27 16:49:07 UTC 2017

Hi Daniel,

On 27 December 2017 at 17:43, Daniel Trstenjak
<daniel.trstenjak at> wrote:
> Most likely the stability of the pretty printing of a GenericPackageDescription
> isn't considered that important.
> I just wanted to mention that the order of fields in the stanzas changed
> from 'Cabal 1.24/2.0' to the current HEAD.

Yep, I don't think we should spend time on fixing that (especially
given how 'cabal format' is not considered stable). But thanks for
letting us know, I think I'll mention that in the change log.

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