Library version choosing of cabal sandbox build

Daniel Trstenjak daniel.trstenjak at
Tue Jul 15 11:15:23 UTC 2014

Hi Johan,

> Cabal is allowed to use any version that fullfills the required bounds. It uses
> a heuristic the tends to prefer
>  * installed
>  * newest
>  * other
> in that order.
> If you want to make sure the newest version is used temporarily you can pass
> --constraint="foo-" to cabal install. If you want to make this change
> more permanent you can set an exact version in a cabal.config file in the same
> directory as the .cabal file.

So there's no flag to always use the newest one, right?

In my use case it would be a bit cumbersome to first find these libraries
and then to list all of them by hand.

The concrete use case is to test your project with the newest available library versions.


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