Hackage Travis build failures

Ian Ross ian at skybluetrades.net
Sun Feb 16 09:33:57 UTC 2014

Does anyone have any idea what the source of the intermittent Travis
failures for Hackage is?  The HighLevelTest program sometimes fails to
connect to the server -- you can see an example at the bottom of
https://travis-ci.org/haskell/hackage-server/builds/18423099 with the
(almost) equivalent code passing at
https://travis-ci.org/haskell/hackage-server/builds/18970590 -- but there's
no indication that the server had problems starting (for instance, because
the test port isn't available, or something like that).

Looking through the Travis history, this has been happening since at least
31 Oct 2013 (https://travis-ci.org/haskell/hackage-server/builds/13335852).
 Has anyone seen this happen on any system other than the Travis build

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