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Ian Ross ian at skybluetrades.net
Tue Feb 4 16:26:37 UTC 2014

Thanks to Duncan on IRC, it seems that this is just a manifestation of a
known issue with the HTTP package:


On 4 February 2014 12:24, Ian Ross <ian at skybluetrades.net> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Has anyone used the mirror client recently?  I'm trying to get set up to
> work on Hackage a little and haven't succeeded in getting it to work yet.
>  The problem occurs during the upload of the first Cabal file during
> mirroring: instead of getting the 401 response and retrying with
> authentication, the mirror client just fails with "hackage-mirror: <socket:
> 4>: hClose: resource vanished (Broken pipe)".
> I've tried uploading manually from within GHCi (setting up all the
> Network.Browser authentication stuff) and that works fine.  But I've not
> been able to track down what the difference is between doing that and
> what's happening within the mirror client.  There doesn't seem to be
> anything that would cause this in the MirrorSession stuff, and the
> Network.Browser authentication generator seems to be getting set up
> correctly, but it never gets to the point where it retries the upload with
> the generated authentication information.
> Can anyone confirm whether this is still working and I'm just doing
> something wrong, or if it's stopped working recently?  (In the latter case,
> I'll spend some more time trying to figure out what's going on.)
> Cheers,
> Ian.
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Ian Ross   Tel: +43(0)6804451378   ian at skybluetrades.net
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