ANN: Cabal v1.18.0 released

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Wed Sep 4 23:11:44 CEST 2013

Hi all,

On behalf of the cabal maintainers and contributors I'm proud to
announce the Cabal (and cabal-install) 1.18.0 release. To install run

    cabal update && cabal install Cabal-1.18.0 cabal-install-1.18.0

With 854 commits since the last release there are two many
improvements and bug fixes to list them here, but two highlights are:

 * Hermetic builds using sandboxes. This should reduce the number of
"dependency hell" and broken package DB problems.

 * GHCi support. It's now much easier to use ghci when developing your
packages, especially if those packages require preprocessors (e.g.

Here's how working on a package might look like using the new features:

    # Only once:
    cabal sandbox init
    cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests
    # Configure, build, and run tests:
    cabal test  # now implies configure and build
    # Play around with the code in GHCi:
    cabal repl

Mikhail wrote a bit more about the user visible changes on his blog:

For a complete list of changes run

    git log cabal-install-v1.16.0.2..cabal-install-v1.18.0

in the cabal repo or look at the GitHub compare page:

(only shows the last 250 commits).

57 people contributed to this release!

   503  Mikhail Glushenkov
    99  Johan Tibell
    41  Duncan Coutts
    39  Ian Lynagh
    19  Brent Yorgey
    19  Thomas Tuegel
    18  Ben Millwood
    16  Eyal Lotem
    10  Thomas Dziedzic
     7  Andres Loeh
     6  John Wiegley
     6  Benno Fünfstück
     5  Gregory Collins
     4  Herbert Valerio Riedel
     4  Simon Hengel
     3  Joachim Breitner
     3  Luke Iannini
     3  Bryan Richter
     3  Richard Eisenberg
     3  Tuncer Ayaz
     3  Jens Petersen
     2  Arun Tejasvi Chaganty
     2  Bryan O'Sullivan
     2  Eric Kow
     2  Jookia
     2  Paolo G. Giarrusso
     2  Paolo Capriotti
     1  Sönke Hahn
     1  Yitzchak Gale
     1  Albert Krewinkel
     1  stepcut
     1  Alexander Kjeldaas
     1  Austin Seipp
     1  Bardur Arantsson
     1  Ben Doyle
     1  Ben Gamari
     1  Bram
     1  Carter Tazio Schonwald
     1  Clint Adams
     1  Daniel Wagner
     1  David Lazar
     1  Erik Hesselink
     1  Eugene Sukhodolin
     1  Gabor Greif
     1  Jack Henahan
     1  Jason Dagit
     1  Ken Bateman
     1  Mark Lentczner
     1  Masahiro Yamauchi
     1  Merijn Verstraaten
     1  Michael Thompson
     1  Niklas Hambüchen
     1  Oleksandr Manzyuk
     1  Patrick Premont
     1  Roman Cheplyaka
     1  Sergei Trofimovich
     1  Stephen Blackheath

-- Johan, on behalf of the cabal maintainers and contributors.

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