sandbox hashcode in dist directory

Tim Docker tim at
Sun Nov 10 22:26:31 UTC 2013

I'm attempting to use ghc-mod and emacs to get on the fly compiling 
working again. This is always pleasing when it works,
but it seems a never ending challenge to get it to find all my 
dependences :-(

Several of my cabal packages require autogenerated code which used to 
end up in dist/build/autogen. ghc-mod is configured to
search this directory, as per:

However since starting to use cabal sandboxes, the generated code ends 
up in a directory like this:


What is this hashcode for? Is it always generated when using a sandbox? 
If I have code (like ghc-mod) that needs to access the
build directory, how do I work out the value of the hashcode?



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