patch applied (hackage-server): "Switch html user list from enabled to active users" and 1 others

devnull at devnull at
Tue Feb 12 23:23:43 CET 2013

Tue Feb 12 22:10:00 GMT 2013  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Switch html user list from enabled to active users
  Ignore-this: fb053d04d1f80529e1f8333923d77c76
  Users accounts imported from the old hackage will be in the disabled
  state and we still want to list them. So now only exclude deleted users.

    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Html.hs -1 +1
    M ./Distribution/Server/Users/Users.hs -7 +5

Tue Feb 12 22:21:29 GMT 2013  Duncan Coutts <duncan at>
  * Add a feature for handling legacy passwords for accounts
  Ignore-this: f5b7663114c0013b8ecdcee9abba60d5
  Previously this feature was partly hacked into the core user and auth
  code which was horrible, and also unneeded for all installations other
  than the central hackage. So now it's a separate feature with only one
  hook into the user auth code.
  What will happen is that users who fail to authenticate but who have an
  old htpasswd set, will be directed to a page explaining how to upgrade.
  They authenticate with their old details and we generate a new digest
  which will then work for the rest of the site.

    M ./Distribution/Client/HtPasswdDb.hs -2 +4
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features.hs +5
    A ./Distribution/Server/Features/LegacyPasswds/
    A ./Distribution/Server/Features/LegacyPasswds.hs
    A ./Distribution/Server/Features/LegacyPasswds/Auth.hs
    M ./Distribution/Server/Features/Users.hs -4 +20
    M ./Distribution/Server/Framework/Auth.hs -47 +65
    M ./Distribution/Server/Framework/AuthCrypt.hs -30 +1
    M ./Distribution/Server/Framework/AuthTypes.hs -6 +1
    M ./ImportClient.hs -3 +2
    M ./hackage-server.cabal +2
    A ./static/account-upgrade.html
    M ./static/accounts.html -2 +1

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