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Chris Dornan chris at
Tue Dec 18 14:28:57 CET 2012

Well done! I wish you a smooth launch and a speedy resolution of all
co-ordination issues -- it looks like a fine plan to me.

Just as a quick point of clarification: while the two systems are
operating in parallel, will uploads to the new system be automatically
reflected in the old system and vice versa?


On 18/12/2012 00:13, "Duncan Coutts" <duncan.coutts at> wrote:

>On Mon, 2012-12-17 at 18:45 +0000, Duncan Coutts wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> You may have noticed the steady stream of hackage 2 patches. The new
>> server is up again at:
>> Key points:
>>       * We've got live mirroring going (sync every 30 min).
>>       * All the old accounts are imported and the per-package maintainer
>>         groups are populated.
>>       * Package deprecation info is imported
>>       * Distro info is imported
>>       * Currently uploading is disabled (pending review of
>>         authentication & authorisation code).
>>       * Documentation is not imported (Ian demoed this before, just
>>         haven't got round to it yet for this instance)
>>       * The data backup system is much improved.
>Oh, I should also have pointed out:
>The goal is (and has always been) that all the data should be available
>in appropriate machine readable formats (e.g. json), and so nobody
>should ever have to complain that they want direct access to an
>underlying database.
>We're not there yet obviously. Patches accepted. If you want to work on
>that seriously (I've just been adding the ones I needed for importing
>the old data) then it'd make sense to switch to aeson and to do it
>properly with datatypes and deriving json instances.
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