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#823: Accessing the package version from within the package
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 Just like you can [http://haskell.org/cabal/release/cabal-latest/doc
 /users-guide/authors.html#paths-module access data files from a package],
 it would be useful to retrieve the current version of your package from
 within your program.

 This is useful when you want to print the current version of your program
 when the user issues a `--version` flag for example.

 More specifically I would like the following module to be generated

 module Version_pkgname where

 import Distribution.Version (Version)

 version :: Version
 version = <the current package version>

 where [http://haskell.org/cabal/release/cabal-latest/doc/API/Cabal
 /Distribution-Version.html#t%3AVersion Version] is from the `Cabal`

 Having just a `String` for the version type is also OK and maybe even
 preferable because otherwise a dependency on the `Cabal` library is

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