[Hackage] #822: world-file does not support $arch, $os, $compiler

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#822: world-file does not support $arch, $os, $compiler
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 In my ~/.cabal/config, I have:

 install-dirs user
   prefix: /home/josh/.cabal/install/$arch-$os-$compiler

 This allows packages for multiple architectures (such as 32-bit and
 64-bit) or multiple compilers (such as ghc6 and ghc7) to coexist.  It also
 ensures that after upgrading the compiler, old libraries that won't work
 automatically disappear.

 Recent cabal added a "world" file, under ~/.cabal/world.  I tried to move
 this to the same directory, by adding:

 world-file: /home/josh/.cabal/install/$arch-$os-$compiler/world

 However, this generated the following error:

 Error while Error while updating world-file. :
 /home/josh/.cabal/install/$arch-$os-$compiler/: openNewBinaryFile: does
 not exist (No such file or directory)

 From this, I'd guess that cabal doesn't support those variables in world-
 file like it does in prefix.

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