[Hackage] #786: Bad errors from getProgramInvocationOutput and friends

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#786: Bad errors from getProgramInvocationOutput and friends
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 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:  HEAD
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 In http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/4883 `ghc-cabal` gives an
 unhelpful error:

 This comes from `getProgramInvocationOutput`:
   (output, errors, exitCode) <- rawSystemStdInOut verbosity
                                   path args
                                   Nothing utf8
   when (exitCode /= ExitSuccess) $
     die errors
 as there was nothing on `stderr`. There are several similar functions in

 Cabal ought to also say what it was running and what the error code was,
 without needing a verbosity flag to be given.

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