[Hackage] #785: check fails "No (or multiple) ghc rts package is registered"

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#785: check fails "No (or multiple) ghc rts package is registered"
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 For packages that do not depend indirectly on the rts package (ie that
 have no dependencies specified at all), then the check in the hsc2hs
 package for the rts package fails.

     hackRtsPackage index =
       case PackageIndex.lookupPackageName index (PackageName "rts") of
         [(_, [rts])]
            -> PackageIndex.insert rts { Installed.ldOptions = [] } index
         _  -> error "No (or multiple) ghc rts package is registered!!"

 The reason is that we only store the transative deps of the package in the
 saved config, so the rts package is not found.

 This is of course not a helpful error message. We should remove this check
 from this place and add something else elsewhere with a more helpful error
 message. We could do a sanity check during configure or build (but note
 that we don't do it anymore when configuring ghc itself due to the odd
 things ghc does during its own build process).

 We should probably have a build warning about missing the base package.

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