[Hackage] #798: install gives "removeLink: does not exist" for a dependency that exists

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Wed Feb 2 00:27:53 CET 2011

#798: install gives "removeLink: does not exist" for a dependency that exists
  Reporter:  tsueako        |        Owner:         
      Type:  defect         |       Status:  new    
  Priority:  normal         |    Milestone:         
 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:
  Severity:  normal         |     Keywords:         
Difficulty:  unknown        |   Ghcversion:  6.12.3 
  Platform:  Linux          |  
 In installing regex-pcre in an installation with regex-base already
 installed, I get:

 Registering regex-base-0.93.2...
 /usr/bin/ghc-pkg update - --global --no-user-package-conf
 cabal: ghc-pkg:
 removeLink: does not exist (No such file or directory)

 and regex-pcre does not install.  However, prior to running cabal 'ghc-pkg
 list' had shown that regex-base was already installed.

 I suspect this is a problem due to the way haskell is installed on Fedora.
 Basically, you:
 1. install a haskell-platform rpm, which leads to a bunch of ghc rpms
 being installed.
 2. you supplement these rpms with any other Fedora
 haskell package rpms you may need.  At this point everything works.
 3. when you cabal install other packages from hackagedb, 1 of 3 things
 usually happens:
  a. install is successful.
  b. install fails, but can be done by using an older version of the
  c. install fails as above.

 I have already submitted a bug report to Fedora, and they thought it might
 be useful to kick it up.

 BTW, I have also noticed that the global package.conf.d directory has a
 mixed format (entries with and w/o a hash) as in:




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