Exposure of synopsis in InstalledPackageInfo

Andy Gimblett haskell at gimbo.org.uk
Tue Oct 19 17:08:38 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Distribution.PackageDescription.PackageDescription contains the synopsis field,  giving a one-line summary of a package's contents.

Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo.InstalledPackageInfo, however, doesn't contain this field - just the description.

Would it be difficult to expose synopsis in InstalledPackageInfo as well?

Rationale: I've written a script which queries the package databases for all installed packages, and builds an HTML page indexing them by package name, with links to local docs (for all versions of the package) and hackage; it's a sort of complement to the by-module index already produced.  I'd like to include the synopsis for each module, but pulling it out of the haddock docs (the only solution I can see at the moment) feels clumsy given that all the rest of my info is coming from the Cabal library.



Andy Gimblett

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