[Hackage] #693: Missing instructions for running Cabal's testsuite

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#693: Missing instructions for running Cabal's testsuite
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Comment(by ttuegel):

 Replying to [ticket:693 tibbe]:
 > It's not quite clear to me how to get `tests/suite.cabal` to build using
 an in-place build of Cabal. I played around with passing `--package-db
 ../dist/package.conf.inplace` to `configure` when configuring
 `tests/suite.cabal` without success.
 > A `tests/README` file would be very useful.

 I will indicate here how to get the testsuite to run against a version of
 Cabal other than the system version, but it will be immediately obvious
 that this is a workaround only, and not a permanent solution.

 The problem is that QuickCheck is needed for the testsuite, and QuickCheck
 depends on GHC, which depends on the system Cabal, so the system Cabal
 always gets pulled in.  The solution is to patch QuickCheck so it does not
 depend on GHC.  Use the attached patch to do that:

 cabal unpack QuickCheck-
 cd QuickCheck-
 patch -p1 < ../QuickCheck-
 cabal install

 Now you will need to rebuild test-framework-quickcheck2 to use the patched
 version of QuickCheck.  I had to also rebuild test-framework and test-

 I haven't tried to test a version of Cabal in-place, but these steps
 should at least get you to a point where you can test a version other than
 the version from GHC.

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