patch applied (cabal-install): Updated patch for world-file support

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon May 10 01:21:12 EDT 2010

Tue Nov  3 12:29:27 PST 2009  Peter Robinson <thaldyron at>
  * Updated patch for world-file support 
  Update 2: now uses writeFileAtomic from Cabal
  This is a new patch for Ticket #199; it adds the "--one-shot" option.
  A world file entry contains the package-name, package-version, and
  user flags (if any).
  For example, the file entry generated by
  # cabal install stm-io-hooks --flags="-debug"
  looks like this:
  # stm-io-hooks -any --flags="-debug"
  To rebuild/upgrade the packages in world (e.g. when updating the compiler)
  cabal install world
  Installing package 'foo' without adding it to the world file:
  # cabal install foo --one-shot

    M ./Distribution/Client/Config.hs -1 +13
    M ./Distribution/Client/Setup.hs -8 +25
    M ./Distribution/Client/Types.hs -2 +61
    A ./Distribution/Client/World.hs
    M ./Main.hs -2 +19
    M ./cabal-install.cabal +1

View patch online:;a=darcs_commitdiff;h=20091103202927-ba309-03c407a6cd480c5f498c9a03bbfc18ec54e0829a.gz

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