[Hackage] #717: Expose libexec option in simple build system

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#717: Expose libexec option in simple build system
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 For my Bluetile Cabal package (
 http://hackage.haskell.org/package/bluetile ) I would like to install some
 of the executables into the libexec target directory.

 Cabal already supports a libexec directory, there is just no easy way to
 get an executable copied there. So I had to write my own custom hooks.

 To simplify things, I would like to suggest the option of marking an
 executable to be installed in the libexec directory. I propose a simple
 flag 'Is-Helper-Executable: True/False' which could be specified as part
 of an 'Executable' section. Setting this to True should result in Cabal
 installing the executable to the libexec directory.

 Quick example of why one wants to use the libexec directory in the first
 place: Bluetile has a number of such helper applications. While having
 Bluetile packaged for Debian, it turned out that Debian requires a man
 page for every binary under /usr/bin. So I would have had to write man
 pages for every helper application or - which seemed like the proper way
 to do it - have them installed under /usr/lib/bluetile/ (libexec

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