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#598: Bogus build failures on HackageDB
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 HackageDB reports build failures for packages due to inconsistent
 dependencies. For instance, the dedukti package currently has a build
 failure because it depends on both bytestring and text. The latest version
 of bytestring is, but text is built using bytestring- This
 causes a build failure because the functions in text expect as arguments
 something of type ByteString from bytestring-, not something of
 type ByteString from package bytestring-0,9.1.5.

 If the text package were built using the latest available version of
 bytestring, as would happen after a "cabal install text" on a fresh
 system, the problem would go away. Always building packages with the
 latest versions of their dependencies available isn't a solution, because
 dedukti could, for instance, depend on some specific version of bytestring
 yet text might happen to be built with another version on the Hackage

 Could there be a way to at least detect when build failures are due to
 inconsistent versions in dependencies, which is a problem specific to the
 Hackage server installation and not the package itself?

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