[Hackage] #529: sdist creation code currently doesn't work with Solaris's tar

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#529: sdist creation code currently doesn't work with Solaris's tar
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 Cabal's sdist creation code currently doesn't work on Solaris.
 The code (in Cabal's Distribution/Simple/SrcDist.hs) is:
 let tarBallFilePath = targetPref </> tarBallName pkg_descr <.> "tar.gz"
 rawSystemProgram verbosity tarProg
          ["-C", tmpDir, "-czf", tarBallFilePath, tarBallName pkg_descr]
 return tarBallFilePath
 but it looks like we need this instead:
 let tarFilePath = targetPref </> tarBallName pkg_descr <.> "tar"
     tarBallFilePath = tarFilePath <.> "gz"
 rawSystemProgram verbosity tarProg
          ["-cf", tarFilePath, "-C", tmpDir, tarBallName pkg_descr]
 rawSystemProgram verbosity gzipProg
 removeFile tarFilePath
 return tarBallFilePath
 Note that we don't actually tell gzip where to put the output, but I can't
 see a way to do so without messing with stdout.

 See http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/3106 for more details on
 the problems.

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