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#517: make cabal install command support haddock options
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 Currently the `cabal install` command supports just `--enable-
 documentation` which turns on library docs. The `cabal haddock` option has
 various other things like enabling docs for executables, specifying css
 files, linking to source code etc. Some or perhaps all of these would be
 useful when installing packages.

 This is not fundamentally difficult. The task is just to work out which
 options are useful (or perhaps all) and how to present the user interface
 (command line options and config file). Bonus points for a UI that is
 usable and orthogonal.

 See #206 for some of the previous discussion on this topic. See also #516
 about maintaining a central haddock module index.

 For reference the current haddock command options are:

 Flags for haddock:
  -h --help                 Show this help text
  -v --verbose[=n]          Control verbosity (n is 0--3, default verbosity
                            level is 1)
     --builddir=DIR         The directory where Cabal puts generated build
                            (default dist)
     --hoogle               Generate a hoogle database
     --html-location=URL    Location of HTML documentation for pre-
     --executables          Run haddock for Executables targets
     --internal             Run haddock for internal modules and include
     --css=PATH             Use PATH as the haddock stylesheet
     --hyperlink-source     Hyperlink the documentation to the source code
                            (using HsColour)
     --hscolour-css=PATH    Use PATH as the HsColour stylesheet
     --with-haddock=PATH    give the path to haddock
     --haddock-options=OPTS give extra options to haddock
     --haddock-option=OPT   give an extra option to haddock (no need to
                            options containing spaces)

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