[Hackage] #516: Maintain central haddock module index.

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#516: Maintain central haddock module index.
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 The ghc api documentation includes a central index of
 [http://haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/ all the modules in the
 core libraries]. Some people would like the same for all the modules
 provided by all the packages they have installed.

 See #206 for some of the previous discussion on this topic.

 The questions to resolve are where the index should be kept by default and
 how it should be configured (eg switched off).

 For example for a per-user install an index could live in
 `$HOME/.cabal/share/doc/index.html` but the equivalent is not appropriate
 for other prefixes like `/usr/local`.

 For global packages shipped by a distro the problem is much worse. We do
 not really want to have to have distro packages re-generating an html
 index every time they add and remove a package. Perhaps we should be
 looking at alternative solutions like using [http://live.gnome.org/devhelp
 devhelp] which can give easy access to installed documentation without
 maintaining a central index/catalog.

 Similar issues apply to a hoogle index.

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