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#570: Include distributions status on package page
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Comment (by duncan):

 I think a better way round is to keep the server dumb and to have smart
 clients PUT/POST this information to the server. I'd welcome a patch to
 implement this in the new hackage-server implementation:

 darcs get http://code.haskell.org/hackage-server/

 As for a design, I think one resource per package, per distro, so we'd
 want to PUT status info in an agreed format (including eg URL to the
 distro package) to $server/package/$packageid/distro-status/$distro

 Using one resource per package seems like a lot for an initial import (but
 it's not that bad since with HTTP you can send lots of messages on a
 single connection) but it is simpler, more RESTful and is fine once you
 get into a steady state since you'd only post updates and new packages.

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