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#570: Include distributions status on package page
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  Severity:  normal             |     Keywords:  patch
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 I would find it very helpful if the package pages on hackage would include
 information as to which packages are available in distributions (Debian,
 arch, gentoo...).

 I have implemented a patch that reads this information from a simple
 formatted text and displays it. I have also implemented the generation of
 the list for Debian at
 http://people.debian.org/~nomeata/cabalDebianMap.txt, see README. A
 cronjob should fetch this regularly (maybe 4 times a day).

 To add distributions, you need to create the appropriate list (URLs are
 optional), add the distribution name to DistroMap.hs and put the lists in
 the right location.

 It would be great if this could be deployed.

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