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#568: option -b has no effect
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 once upon a time cabal had a very useful option the -b option, which you
 could use to change the directory in which the build was performed, a
 capability when you are in the process of transitioning from one
 version of ghc to another as it enables you to (without interference)
 maintain multiple builds from the one source directory, for example ....

 runghc setup configure -b.\dist\build\ghc\6.8.2 ....
 runghc setup build
 runghc setup configure -b.\dist\build\ghc\6.10.4 ...
 runghc setup build
 runghc setup configure -b.\dist\build\hugs ...

 the effect of the above should be to build in the subdirectory nominated
 relative to the current root, what in fact happens is cabal will build in
 the same old directory it always does: dist\build\....

 this option seems to have disappeared from cabal some time ago, it would
 (IMHO) be very usefule to have it re-introduced.

 In actual fact, the option is still recognised, it just dosn't work
 i.e. it has no effect!

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