[Hackage] #427: how to access temporary build-files/logs?

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Mon Jan 26 13:19:51 EST 2009

#427: how to access temporary build-files/logs?
  Reporter:  claus          |        Owner:         
      Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new    
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 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:
  Severity:  normal         |   Resolution:         
  Keywords:                 |   Difficulty:  normal 
Ghcversion:  6.8.3          |     Platform:         
Comment (by drdozer):

 So, if build dirs where kept on failure, Cabal would need to tell me the
 dir, otherwise I will spend for ever tracking it down. Other than that,
 everything you've said sounds fine. The only open question would be
 whether cabal should allow you to build when there is a kept directory
 still extant. If it does not, then this would force you to clean up the
 directory before proceeding (perhaps with a flag to cabal to tell it to
 clean up for you). I'm a little worried that we could end up with 20x
 failed builds lying about otherwise :D

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