[Hackage] #427: how to access temporary build-files/logs?

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#427: how to access temporary build-files/logs?
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Ghcversion:  6.8.3          |     Platform:         
Comment (by duncan):

 Keeping the build dir is easy, `--resume` is more or less impossible. It
 requires more than we can legitimately assume of the build system for the
 package in question. Of course if we don't have `--resume` then there is
 no need for any `--from-scratch` since it's the default case.

 Would it be useful to have a flag to keep the build dir but not allow
 automatic restarting of builds?

 If so it's not hard to do. We just don't delete the temp dir on failure
 and we report where the temp dir actually is. At that point you could `cd`
 to the dir fix things up and try a `cabal install` in that dir, but if you
 do that you're on your own. It's not the same as resuming the build from
 the point of failure, it's restarting from the beginning, though keeping
 whatever source changes you made. If the build system for that package is
 not idempotent then you're stuffed.

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