[Hackage] #244: Add Changelog summary feature to sdist

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Tue Dec 22 15:30:01 EST 2009

#244: Add Changelog summary feature to sdist
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      Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new    
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 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:
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Ghcversion:  6.8.2          |     Platform:         
Comment (by duncan):

 I agree with Ross that a darcs changelog is far too much information. Much
 more that you could reasonably squeeze into an RSS feed entry for a new

 A format for changelogs is reasonable, or if we can work out a convention
 such as showing the difference between the current and previous changelog

 Personally I think the ideal thing would be a combination of a changelog
 written by the package author and an automatic API diff tool. The
 automatic API diff tool provides basic info and a human authored changelog
 can optionally provide helpful details / motivation / comments.

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