[Hackage] #542: installing cabal-install refers to editing nonexistent file $HOME/.cabal/config

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#542: installing cabal-install refers to editing nonexistent file
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Comment (by duncan):

 Replying to [comment:2 nr]:
 > I think the config file should be created at install time.  It's a
 reasonable expectation and will prevent you from having to change
 documentation.   If you can find no other way, it's better to run 'cabal
 update' at install time than it is to leave things as they are now.

 Unfortunately we cannot do anything at install time, only the first time
 the program is used.

 > But it would be still better to have a cabal command just to create the
 config file and to run that.  After all, code to 'create config if it does
 not already exist' has got to be right handy someplace...

 Right but the problem is you're not going to know that you should run
 that. Perhaps cabal --help should check if the config file exists before
 saying you can edit it. If it doesn't exist, perhaps it should suggest
 running cabal update.

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