[Hackage] #411: Command to install dependencies of a package.

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#411: Command to install dependencies of a package.
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 Something like cabal install-deps or install --deps-only or such. We spoke
 about this with Duncan and this is the proposed solution to my use-case:

 I have a project that basically consists of a simple shebang haskell
 script (go.hs), which happens to have somewhat obscure dependencies. I am
 not interested in building a binary out of this script, nor installing it:
 but I'd like to use cabal to track and automatically install the
 dependencies for it. Hence, I would provide a cabal file, whose main
 purpose would be for people to run "cabal install-deps", which would
 enable them to run ./go.hs directly...

 Hopefully it is clear what I mean here... Don't hesitate to prod me if you
 have better suggestions, or, questions...

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