Cabal bugs

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Mar 5 03:41:02 EST 2008

>  Both errors are a consequence of the fact that we do not know what
>  packages are installed for hugs. It is printing all the packages that it
>  thinks are missing, that is... none.

For cabal-install, I can accept this. But from what you are saying
cabal seems to have recently become broken so that it just won't work
with Hugs at all? That is a real shame.

>  For a future hugs release it would be enormously helpful if it would
>  include the InstalledPackageInfo files for all the bundled packages and
>  if there was a way of discovering what directory to look in to find
>  these packages. Then we could build a proper index of the installed
>  packages as we do for ghc. Also we need a hugs --version flag so Cabal
>  can actually figure out the hugs version so it knows whether it supports
>  an installed package database. Currently hugs is almost unversioned
>  (check System.Info.compilerVersion).

File suffient bugs ( and
hopefully they will get fixed.



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