[Hackage] #290: Cabal does some work behind the back of hooks

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#290: Cabal does some work behind the back of hooks
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Comment (by duncan):

 This is the bit:

   localbuildinfo0 <- confHook hooks epkg_descr flags
   let localbuildinfo = localbuildinfo0{ pkgDescrFile = mb_pd_file }
   writePersistBuildConfig distPref localbuildinfo
   let pkg_descr = localPkgDescr localbuildinfo
   postConf hooks args flags pkg_descr localbuildinfo

 `writePersistBuildConfig` writes the configuration file which creates the
 dist dir.

 To be honest, I'm not so sure Setup.hs itself should be building in
 multiple ways and changing the dist dir. It'll make for a very weird
 package that's not installable in the standard way.

 Can't you do it externally? That is have the external script build the
 package multiple times with different dist dirs and config options?

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