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#290: Cabal does some work behind the back of hooks
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 Cabal does some work behind the back of hooks, e.g. with `q.cabal`:
 name: q
 version: 1
 exposed-modules: Bar
 build-type: Custom
 and `Setup.hs`:
 module Main (main) where

 import Distribution.Simple
 import Distribution.Simple.Setup
 import System.Cmd

 main :: IO ()
 main = defaultMainWithHooks myHooks

 myHooks :: UserHooks
 myHooks = simpleUserHooks {
               confHook = \x flags -> do
                          let flags' = flags { configDistPref = Flag "foo"
                          lbi <- (confHook simpleUserHooks) x flags'
                          system "ls"
                          return lbi,
               postConf = \args flags pd lbi -> do
                          system "ls"
                          let flags' = flags { configDistPref = Flag "foo"
                          (postConf simpleUserHooks) args flags' pd lbi
                          return ()
 a `dist` directory magically appears between the configure hook and the
 postconf hook:
 $ ./Setup configure
 Configuring q-1...
 Setup  Setup.hi  Setup.hs  Setup.o  foo  q.cabal
 Setup  Setup.hi  Setup.hs  Setup.o  dist  foo  q.cabal
 $ ls -l dist
 -rw-r--r-- 1 ian ian 6411 Jun  8 12:02 setup-config

 The reason I want to do this is so that `Setup.hs` can take care of
 building itself in multiple ways, using different dist directories.

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