[Hackage] #189: Handle framework paths (-F) in Cabal

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#189: Handle framework paths (-F) in Cabal
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Ghcversion:  6.8.2          |     Platform:  Mac OS 
Comment (by duncan):

 Correct me if I'm wrong...

 So we already have a frameworks field in the .cabal file. So we know which
 frameworks we need. gcc/ghc knows where to find these frameworks at
 compile and link time if they are installed in the standard place (now
 that ghc tells gcc to look in $HOME/Library/Frameworks).

 So is the only problem that we cannot find frameworks if they are
 installed in non-standard locations? If so then I do not see that adding a
 framework-paths field to the .cabal file will help since if it's a non-
 standard path then it varies from one machine to another so putting it in
 the .cabal file is pointless.

 If we really have a need to find framworks in non-standard places then
 perhaps a configure flag is in order.

 The point about include-dirs and extra-lib-dirs is that they are for dirs
 that are standard locations across machines, eg /usr/include/mysql. Or if
 they have to be found on each machine then the values can be filled in
 using custom code in Setup.hs or a ./configure script. This might be
 useful to frameworks too if there is some way of finding them

 Am I still not understanding the problem?

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