[Hackage] #247: Needless license warning on PublicDomain

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#247: Needless license warning on PublicDomain
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 While looking at harp, I noticed that during 'runhaskell Setup configure',
 it was emitting a warning about no 'license-file' field.

 Which is perfectly fine and appropriate most of the time, but harp's cabal
 file mentions 'License:                PublicDomain'.

 Strictly speaking, PublicDomain isn't even a license. For there to be a
 license, there must be copyright, and public domain is by definition the
 lack of copyright. Even if you don't buy this, it still would not make
 sense to want a license file, as it cannot say anything that the words
 'public domain' do not (hence, needless and wasteful).

 So Cabal is implicitly encouraging something which is wrong-headed or
 pointless. It's not a big deal, but it shouldn't be warning about it.


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