[Hackage] #211: Add qa/check command

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Thu Feb 21 16:17:12 EST 2008

#211: Add qa/check command
  Reporter:  duncan              |        Owner:                 
      Type:  enhancement         |       Status:  closed         
  Priority:  normal              |    Milestone:  Cabal-1.4      
 Component:  cabal-install tool  |      Version:        
  Severity:  normal              |   Resolution:  fixed          
  Keywords:                      |   Difficulty:  easy (<4 hours)
Ghcversion:  6.8.2               |     Platform:  Linux          
Changes (by duncan):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 Thu Feb 21 20:48:20 GMT 2008  Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at gentoo.org>
   * Naive implementation of 'cabal check'
   A naive implementation of 'cabal check'.
   It will list the errors and warnings as implemented by Cabal, yielding
   in groups of severity. Currently ignores verbosity levels, no additional
   arguments are understood. This addresses ticket #211.

 It doesn't do "cabal check foo-1.0.tar.gz". If anyone thinks that's
 important they can file another ticket or just send in a patch.

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