[Hackage] #245: Cabal gets paths wrong in INCLUDEs

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#245: Cabal gets paths wrong in INCLUDEs
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 The Pugs project recently uncovered a bit of a problem with GHC 6.8.x.

 To quote:

 - {-# INCLUDE -} seems to require either a very relative or an absolute
 path. That is, you have to make the path listed inside an INCLUDE
 ('dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot_hsc.h') in the file
 dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot.hs absolute or completely relative - that is,
 the first line needs to look like either '{-# INCLUDE "Parrot_hsc.h" #-}'
 or  '{-# INCLUDE
   "/home/gwern/bin/pugs/dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot_hsc.h" #-}'.

 The particular problem is that
 'dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot_hsc.c:#include "Parrot_hsc.h"' is being
 translated to the (broken) 'dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot.hs:{-# INCLUDE
 "dist/build/Pugs/Embed/Parrot_hsc.h" #-}'.

 The relevant files and notes can be found in the Pugs SVN repo, in
 src/Pugs/Embed/, and the files of interest are Haskell.hs  Parrot.hsc
 Parrot_hsc.c  Parrot_hsc.h  Perl5.hs  Pugs.hs


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