[Hackage] #240: setup install does not preserve MacOS X resource forks

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#240: setup install does not preserve MacOS X resource forks
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 I use the attached Setup.lhs file to do some Mac-related magic (which I
 unfortunately do not understand) on files built with wxhaskell on MacOS X.
 The key point about this magic is that it allows me to run a GUI from the
 command line.  Without doing the magic, the GUI will open, but it will not
 react to any user interaction.

 I think the problem is that whatever mechanism we use to copy the binary
 over (say to /usr/local/bin) does not preserve the magic.  That is, if I
 run it directly after a runhaskell Setup install, I get the non-reactive
 GUI. If I do a cp geni /usr/local/bin by hand, then the GUI reacts,
 presumably because on MacOS X cp also copies the magic over.

 Sorry for being so vague.  Let me know if I can help in any way. -- Eric

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