[Hackage] #233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter

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#233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter
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 Doesn't work for me:

 flag foo
   default: false


 $ cabal configure
 cabal: Foo.cabal:28: Parse of field 'default' failed:

 And this makes sense given the parser being used:
     , simpleField "default"
         (text . show)    parseReadS
         flagDefault      (\val fl -> fl{ flagDefault = val })

 `parseReadS` just uses `read` so is case sensitive. The `buildable` field
 also uses `parseReadS` as a parser.

 I think we have the same problem for other enumerations like `build-type`,
 `tested-with`, `license` and `extensions` though it's not so clear in
 those cases if it should be case sensitive or not.

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