[Hackage] #346: Add a warning for synopsis being a prefix of the description

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#346: Add a warning for synopsis being a prefix of the description
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Comment (by guest):

 I thought the description wasn't meant to replicate the summary, but
 checking the Cabal manual I can't actually see that guideline. So what is
 the recommended ruling? Should the description stand alone without the
 summary? Should they be both shown if you want to display more? Could the
 Cabal manual make a ruling on this, so at least I can follow whatever
 guidelines are proposed.

 My personal view is that the Description should not restate the summary,
 but be a fresh description of the package, which makes sense without the
 summary. However, when displaying the description the summary should
 always be displayed as well. This is pretty much the same idea as
 Abstract(Summary) and Introduction(Description) in a paper.

 -- Neil (who wonders how to get a hackage trac account...)

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