Licence: ../LICENCE

Peter Gammie peteg42 at
Fri Apr 25 00:24:11 EDT 2008

On 25/04/2008, at 12:49 AM, Duncan Coutts wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 19:32 +0700, Peter Gammie wrote:
>> Does this work?
> The LICENCE file would actually have to exist at ../ relative to the
> location of the .cabal file.

It does, that's what gets copied to the wrong place.

> sdist would fail of course since no files to go into the tarball can  
> lie
> outside of the project directory.

I don't use sdist.

>> On install, I think Cabal copies it to the parent of the correct
>> directory.
> Right, it'd copy it to $distdir/../LICENCE

Yes, that's what I'm worried about.

This semantics seems wrong to me; the licence is a file, nothing more.  
I feel you should copy it like so (excuse my UNIX):


... but feel free to do whatever makes the most sense to you, of course.

>> I use this short hand so I don't have 10 BSD3's lying around.
> I would not recommend doing this. Use a symlink instead.

I'd love to, but darcs doesn't understand symlinks. So I guess I'm  
back to having 10 BSD3's.

BTW this is an idiom I inherited from Herr Bringert, who might now  
want to adjust his many .cabals...


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