Cabal repos and branches

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Thu Sep 6 11:23:14 EDT 2007

Just to clarify things for all Cabal hackers with commit access to

We have a number of Cabal branches:

(using darcs ssh push style urls)

Cabal HEAD:

Cabal 1.2 branch:

GHC HEAD's copy of Cabal:

The Cabal HEAD repo is where new patches should go. If you have access
to and you don't think your patch needs wider review
then you can just push to this repo.

The other two repos are used by versions of GHC and the GHC nightly
builds. It's important not to break GHC builds so any patches pushed to
these repos requires running the GHC validate test first.

The Cabal 1.2 branch is uses by the GHC 6.8 branch and the other one is
used by GHC HEAD. So of course you'd have to run the validate script for
the appropriate GHC branch.

The easiest thing to do is ignore the second two branches and just
target Cabal HEAD and let other GHC and Cabal maintainers migrate
patches from Cabal HEAD to the other repos as appropriate. Though if you
think a patch should go to the Cabal-1.2 branch you should probably say

Clear as mud?


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