Can't create sdist bundle

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Nov 13 05:23:17 EST 2007


> Well the simple solution is to change the version of tar.exe you've got
> to one that does support gzip. I'm sure there must be one.

Any idea where I might find it? The words MingW or Cygwin will not be
appreciated :-)

I have copies of tar and gzip that are Windows native versions, very
handy, and could easily be distributed with Cabal on Windows. They
come to 155Kb in total, so its not unreasonable to ship them.

> The right solution imho is to move the sdist feature into cabal-install
> where it can depend on the tar and zlib packages.

What is the likely timeframe for this? If its more than a few weeks,
then there should really be some way for Windows users to create Cabal
packages before this. As a longer term goal, it does seem quite



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