Why is there a cabal file at all?

Ashish Hanwadikar ahanwadi at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 01:43:00 EDT 2007

Marc Weber <marco-oweber <at> gmx.de> writes:
> 	addDependencies = case stringOption "pretty_print_lib" of
> This should use the correct dependency if the option has already been set by
> cmdline or config file else ask the user or choose the first but noticing the
> user by printing a message like this:
> 	unset option "pretty_print_lib", defaulting to "A"
> preprocess should be passed all configuration options and return a list of 
source files,
> build should get the list of source file and return a list of executables
> which are installed by install
> Marc

I like your idea. I had thought about something similar. See this post 

I have put up a Haskell project for Google Summer of Code 2007. I would love to 
work on this or related idea.

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