[Haskell-cafe] RE: Definition of the Haskell standard library

Chris Smith cdsmith at twu.net
Tue Jul 31 14:18:49 EDT 2007

Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> What is missing from the local docs is a single integrated index page
> that lists all the modules and then links off to the various packages's
> docs like we have on the ghc website.
> The problem with generating one of those is what manages it? What
> package would it belong to etc.

Locally, I've kludged things together to add to the documentation 
package that GHC builds.  That may be the wrong place, but it kinda 
works anyway.  This script gets you much of the way there (with some 
unfortunate line wrapping at the end that you'd have to fix).  Of 
course, the script does more than just build haddock; and there are 
several other quirks here to that were needed to get random stuff to 
work for some packages, and unfortunately there are a number of packages 
for which it seems that 'runhaskell Setup haddock' just doesn't work at 
all due to use of features in the source that haddock can't parse.

What it doesn't do is fix up the links to contents and index from the 
other packages so that they point back to the right place.

-- begin attached script --


ghcver=`ls -d /usr/local/lib/ghc-* | sort`
ghcver=`expr match "$ghcver" '.*\(ghc-6.7.[0-9]*\)'`

sudo rm /usr/local/lib/${ghcver}/share
sudo ln -s /usr/local/share /usr/local/lib/${ghcver}/share
sudo cp ../ghc/libraries/libraries-*.txt /usr/local/share/ghc/doc/html

for ln in `cat packages.list`

    echo ===============================================================
    echo == BUILDING: $p
    echo ===============================================================

    echo $d $p

    cd $p                               || exit 1

    if [ -d _darcs ]
       darcs pull                       || exit 1

    if [ -f configure.in -o -f configure.ac ]
       autoreconf                       || exit 1

    if [ -f Setup.hs -o -f Setup.lhs ]
       runhaskell Setup clean           || exit 1
       runhaskell Setup configure       || exit 1
       runhaskell Setup build           || exit 1

       if [ $d = "+" ]
         runhaskell Setup haddock --html-location=/usr/local/share/ghc \
                                        || exit 1

       sudo runhaskell Setup install    || exit 1
    elif [ -f Makefile -o -f Makefile.in -o -f Makefile.am ]

       if [ $d = "+" ]
           echo "Don't know how to run haddock"
           exit 1

       make distclean                   || true
       ./configure                      || exit 1
       make                             || exit 1
       sudo make install                || exit 1
       echo "Don't know how to make $p"
       exit 1

    cd ..

ls /usr/local/share/*/doc/html/*/haddock.css                       \
    | grep -v '/usr/local/share/ghc'                               \
    | sed 's/\(\/usr\/local\/share\/.*\/doc\/html\/\([^/]*\)\)
\/haddock.css/cp -r \1 \/usr\/local\/share\/ghc\/doc\/html\/\2 ; echo \2 
> \/usr\/local\/share\/ghc\/doc\/html\/\2\/prologue.txt/' \
    | sudo /bin/sh
ls ../ghc/libraries/*/prologue.txt                                 \
    | sed 's/\(\.\.\/ghc\/libraries\/\([^\/]*\)\/prologue.txt\)/cp \1 
\/usr\/local\/share\/ghc\/doc\/html\/\2/' \
    | sudo /bin/sh
cd /usr/local/share/ghc/doc/html
sudo ./gen_contents_index

Chris Smith

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