Before hacking on Haddock support...

Roberto Zunino zunino at
Tue Jul 10 09:45:18 EDT 2007

...would you please review this patch? ;-)

Sorry if I am being too pushy, but I'd want to avoid people developing 
on the "old" Haddock integration code (assuming this patch is worth 
inclusion, of course).


I am sending a patch[1] for integrating Cabal and HsColour + Haddock.

Here is the result of running it on the base package:

The above was generated by
./Setup configure
./Setup haddock --hscolour=hscolour.css

Requirements: HsColour >=1.8, my hscolour.css file[2] (or your own, of
course!), darcs Haddock + a link-breaking-bug fix (already sent) + any
version bump (required: haddock > 0.8).



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