Should HEAD of Cabal be depending on the new library world order?

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Fri Jul 6 00:28:36 EDT 2007

> Hi, all -
> I just pulled a backlog of changes from the HEAD of the Cabal repo, and 
> now I can no longer build Cabal with ghc 6.6.1.  This makes working with 
> it while running GHC 6.6.1 a bit awkward, so my poor cabal-rpm tool is 
> stuck in a limbo where I can't easily build it except against a manually 
> hacked copy of Cabal.
> Is there any chance that we could bless some revision of Cabal that will 
> compile with GHC 6.6.1, give it a name, and then go back and resplit 
> things in preparation for future greatness?
> If people see some value in this, I can do the necessary legwork.

This seems a bug, if anything. Standalone cabal shouldn't depend on
packages not available on hackage.

-- Don

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