Cabal bug, times two and a half

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Thu Jan 25 05:35:05 EST 2007

> Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> >I tried reporting a Cabal bug via Trac, but I can't log in as 
> >guest/haskell.  Alas.
> The password is "haskell'" (note the final apostrophe).  Isaac: maybe we 
> should use a simpler password?
> >The bug is that "runhaskell Setup.hs --enable-library-profiling" doesn't 
> >imply -auto-all with ghc, so the profiled library contains only manual 
> >cost centres - in other words, it never shows up in profile output.
> Not adding -auto-all is the right default; the intended usage is for 
> building a profiled version of the library so that a user can profile their 
> own application against it, not to profile the library itself.
> If you want to profile the library, add "ghc-options: -auto-all" to the 
> .cabal file.  When we have configurations you'll be able to make this 
> optional, but for now just add it by hand to .cabal (and don't forget to 
> remove it later).

Should -auto-all be used for --enable-executable-profiling though?
I think its missing there too, which seems wrong?

-- Don

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