Cabal bug, times two and a half

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Thu Jan 25 05:10:24 EST 2007

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> I tried reporting a Cabal bug via Trac, but I can't log in as 
> guest/haskell.  Alas.

The password is "haskell'" (note the final apostrophe).  Isaac: maybe we should 
use a simpler password?

> The bug is that "runhaskell Setup.hs --enable-library-profiling" doesn't 
> imply -auto-all with ghc, so the profiled library contains only manual 
> cost centres - in other words, it never shows up in profile output.

Not adding -auto-all is the right default; the intended usage is for building a 
profiled version of the library so that a user can profile their own application 
against it, not to profile the library itself.

If you want to profile the library, add "ghc-options: -auto-all" to the .cabal 
file.  When we have configurations you'll be able to make this optional, but for 
now just add it by hand to .cabal (and don't forget to remove it later).

> The second bug is that the only way I can find to override or add 
> compiler flags is to edit a .cabal file by hand.  This makes it scarily 
> easy to capture unintended flags when committing changes :-(

er. what I said above :)  The technology that fixes this long-term shortcoming 
is designed (several times!) but sadly not implemented yet.

If you use the Emacs darcsum mode, it's scarily easy to avoid committing things 
that you don't want to.  darcsum is to command-line darcs as vi is to ed.


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