[Conal Elliott] Re: getting cabal to pass more info to haddock

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Fri Jan 19 20:18:07 EST 2007

Hi Isaac.  Now I see why the patch file was empty.  And after some
head-scratching about your note below, I'm glad the patch was empty.  I
hadn't noticed the --xxx-args flags for configure, and instead added a new
haddock flag.  Giving a flag to configure makes a lot more sense.

So now I have just a new pair of flags enable-use-packages &
disable-use-packages, which control whether haddock gets
automatically-generated --use-package flags.

My makefile are now performing this sort of incantation:

./setup configure --disable-use-packages --haddock-args="\

The only problem is --haddock-args ends up turning my forward slashes into
backslashes, so all of the web links are broken.

Any advice?

   - Conal

On 1/17/07, Isaac Jones <ijones at syntaxpolice.org > wrote:
> Hi Conel.  Thanks for this!  It sounds like the ideas from your
> makefile could be used for Hackage for generating nice Haddock :)
> There is a general meachanism for adding --foo-args for each Program
> that cabal knows about; can you use this meachanism to add --foo-arg
> as well, instead of special-casing for haddock?
> If you do that, can you make the help output not suck?  Currently it
> does something like this:
>            --ar-args=ARGS                  give the args to ar
>            --haddock-args=ARGS             give the args to haddock
>            --ld-args=ARGS                  give the args to ld
>            --pfesetup-args=ARGS            give the args to pfesetup
>            --ranlib-args=ARGS              give the args to ranlib
>            --runghc-args=ARGS              give the args to runghc
>            --runhugs-args=ARGS             give the args to runhugs
>            --tar-args=ARGS                 give the args to tar
> it would be nice to concerve lines with sometthing like this:
> --ar-arg=ARG       --ar-args=ARGS          give the arg or args to ar
> --haddock-arg=ARG  --haddock-args=ARGS     give the arg or args to haddock
> etc
> The patch you sent seemed like an empty file to me.  Maybe I'm just
> being nihilistic ;)
> peace,
>   isaac
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