"Setup.lhs: hope.cabal has been changed, please re-configure."

Peter Gammie peteg42 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 03:57:40 EST 2007


Thanks for your efforts with Cabal, it seems to work really well.

Can I suggest a few improvements to the above error message:

1. Provide a flag "--force" that says "OK, the user knows  
best." (Sometimes I change the .cabal file trivially, and really just  
want to build the thing.) Indeed, a lot of commands might usefully be  

2. It is a bit unsound to say "please re-configure". You may also need  
to "clean", if in fact the .cabal file has changed significantly.

So, to say that another way, the message provides both insufficient  
and unnecessary advice, but I think it can be improved.


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